Landscapes of All Sizes
The scope of landscape depends not only on your budget, but whether you enjoy working with plants. If it's not an interest, then keep it simple. Some of our favorite landscapes are the smaller intimate landscape gardens. More involved landscapes can be done in stages.

Your budget can dictate the size of the plants you start with, from 8-10' trees to 15' large specimen trees, and whether we provide the labor, you do all of the labor yourself, or you do some of the labor yourself. Ask about our Helping Hand program.

Landscape Design Plan
Since 1970, our use of permium plant varities and larger size plants than you often find many cost a bit more, but the finished planting will have more impact and look more established from the onset.

We always like new customers to visit our nursery to see the quality and size of the plants we offer. We follow this with delivery and set-up even if you're doing your own planting.